Award Winners 2011

Here is a list of all the seanhanna2011 Award Winners

Award Winner
Trainee of the Year Becca Harris – Worcester Park
Special Recognition Chris Harris – Epsom
Reception Retailer Punam Patel – Canary Wharf
Receptionist of the Year Gemma Lowe – Sutton
Colour Technician of the Year Aaron Overton – Canary Wharf
Stylist of the Year Sage Pradella – Canary Wharf
Manager of the Year Jacqui Pankhurst – Cambridge
Salon of the Year Cambridge Salon
Franchisee of the Year Adam Vincent – Bristol
Salon Retailer Tomm Bucknell – Worcester Park
Disposable Image – Trainee Carla Dean – Cambridge
Creative Image – Stylist Noel Halligan – Bristol ( Runners up were Tom Harris & Shannon Wilkin)
Creative Image – Colourist Jodie Warnes – Cambridge (Runners up were Colin Knight & Jenny Perry)
Creative Image – Avant-garde Thomasz Sadowski – Bristol (Runners up were Carl Johnson and Sophie Ruggiero)