We want you to have the perfect hair cut that is also personalised to fit in with your lifestyle. We have carefully researched and developed our very own signature cuts, keeping all hair types and textures in mind, to make sure that your hair will always look fabulous!

seanhanna Connexion Cut

The Connexion cut

Our most popular signature haircut. The Connexion cut keeps a soft outline and establishes height and movement around the crown. The layers are then softly connected to the length, adding luxurious volume to your hair.

seanhanna tierdrop cut

The Tier Drop cut

Featuring seamless layers, the Tier Drop really is a versatile haircut which works on all lengths and hair types. With or without a fringe, the Tier Drop promotes texture and movement without seeing the lines of the shorter layers, hence the appearance of it being seamless.

seanhanna Connexion Cut

The Freedom cut

The Freedom cut features classic, soft layers that keep the ends of the hair heavy, whilst beautifully framing the face.