The Connexion Cut: Step-by-step


The Connexion cut works great with most colours, because it shows off the texture and tones. The layers are visible and suits many different hair types.

step 2

We divide the hair into a Radial Disection. Then, create a ponytail to secure the length away from the cut section.

Step 3

We over direct the layers back, which utilises the crown and gives it more height.

Step 4

We pivot the layers around the head to make sure the layers work with the natural flow of the hair. Unlike other layered haircuts, the Connexion will keep the weight through the sides and at the ends of the hair. 

Step 5

We then use a forward graduation to frame the face; this can be personalised to the individual.

Step 6

Finally, we use a slicing technique to connect the layers to the length. This technique allows us to decide, how much weight is kept through the outline; leaving the hair to have beautiful movement and texture.