Professional hair colour is without doubt one of the best ways to make sure our hair looks healthy, interesting and personal to us. Through our hair colour we can turn an average head of hair into a gorgeous accessory that fully compliments how we feel and how we look. Although we often describe our colour as ‘one single colour’ it is actually hundreds of tones blended together. But when we add colour ourselves, it’s easy to simply cover our hair with one tone which can make it look bland or unnatural.

This is why we have created the COLOUR MELT service. It allows us to create multi-tonal colour layers that ensures the results look far more natural. The technique also allows us to keep the focal area around the crown ‘soft and natural’ which avoids those sometimes uncomfortable ‘stripes or colour panels’. The interesting tones then punch out from the lower layers and this is where the colour really comes alive.

We have been testing the new COLOUR MELT technique over the past few months and the results have been genuinely stunning.

COLOUR MELT is mainly for people who either already have or want a full head colour but would like something far more interesting than a plain all over colour. A ‘full head’ colour is one where all the hair is covered with the colour product. This is often called a ‘tint’. It is not a highlighting technique. It could also be for people who have an all over colour that has lights in it. In this case COLOUR MELT would be a fabulous upgrade. The girl in our advert has longer hair, but COLOUR MELT will work equally well on shorter and midlength hair too.

The Technical Information:
The top section is taken in a ‘STAR’ around the crown. This area is usually kept as soft and natural as possible. The underneath sections are taken in layered panels and these sections can be slightly bolder. The tones are then merged and this gives the impression that the colours have actually melted together, hence the name. As the more natural colour falls over the slightly bolder colour, it creates a fabulous multi-tonal effect, which can be as subtle or as interesting as suits your hair and personality.