The Ultimate Highlights

Ever wondered how brilliant highlights could be if cost wasn’t an issue? Working in conjunction with our Top Colour Experts we set out to create a technique which would consistently produce the ultimate in highlights.

Natural hair is comprised of many tones so it makes sense that if we are adding in tones, then we should add in multi-tones. Even if they are only slightly different, they create a much more credible and natural effect.

The sectioning pattern too, should facilitate the colour being really close to the roots, so around the crown area we use butterfly foils. The final tones should then be cleansed using a clear gloss toner. This creates extra shine and gives the hair that beautiful, lush, translucent finish. This is pretty much how we colour our celebrity clients when they have their highlights.

The technique is called QUATROLIGHTS – using 4 separate but complimentary tones and using the technique outlined above, we can really achieve the ultimate highlights for you.