Picnic in the Park

There's nothing like a great day in the sunshine! Our team work hard in the salon so it was great to have some down time and see the whole team, many with children in tow, come together for a picnic in Nonsuch Park. The day included lots of fun sports activities for the salons to battle against each other and this event was particularly special as all our 2022 award winners were presented with their winners trophies. 

Winner - Phoebe Carraro - Sutton 

Winner - Amy Kilby - Sutton

Winner - Gina Conte - Sutton

Winner - Jen Smith - Putney

Winner - Joanna Sawyer - Canary Wharf

Winner - Rachel Bentley - Cambridge

Winner - Charlotte Bridges - Cambridge

Winner - Amy Farrow - Cambridge  

Winner - Emma Diaz - Cambridge

Winner - Amy Farrow - Cambridge

Winner - Cambridge  

Winner - Eun Sook Hall - Wimbledon

Battle of the Salons

Everyone loves a little competitive fun - so the day was interspersed with lots of games