April 5

The Big Chop


seanhanna helps to raise money for charity with a snip

Last week, Aime Scudamore, a Senior Hair Stylist from seanhanna Bristol branch, run by salon owner Adam Vincent helped loyal customer Lucy Beeks raise money for the Little Princess Trust – a charity that specialises in making bespoke children’s wigs.

Lucy’s mission was to cut her beloved long blonde hair in order to raise money and donate the hair to the charity, which Aime did – a good 12 inches of it, with a nervous Lucy peeping behind her hands!

Aime then styled Lucy’s hair into a trendy, long graduated bob which Lucy fell in love with immediately:

“Cutting my long hair for charity is a drastic move but it was for a good cause so I’m just happy I was able to go through with it! Aime was great and talked me through every step. She was very professional and advised me on how to maintain the look with various styling techniques. seanhanna’s friendly atmosphere
made what could have easily of been a daunting experience an enjoyable one – more than I thought it would be!” Says Lucy Beeks

Aime said “It was so exciting to take that first snip. Lucy was lovely and I was pleased to be the one that not only created an amazing new style, but helped raise some money towards such a worth while cause. For anyone else out there thinking of cutting all there hair off – please do consider the ‘Little Princess Trust.'”


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