March 7

Sean Hanna Bristol Raises Money For Sue Ryder


The seanhanna Bristol team are renowned for their philanthropic duties supporting local charities, and this time, hair stylists Victoria Bowyer, Sam Lockyer, Amie Scudamore recently raised money for the Sue Ryder charity, a charity set up to provide passionate care for people with palliative, long-term and end of life needs.

Always up for a challenge, the girls decided it would be great fun to set up shop at one of their local businesses and attempt as many dry cuts as possible within a limited amount of time for a donation, and Rolls Royce happily stepped up to the mark.

The Rolls Royce staff were delighted to donate towards a very good cause, whilst getting a quick hair fix at their offices and within three hours, Sam, Amie and Victoria managed to raise over £250.

Sam Lockyer “It was a real buzz, and all the fantastic staff at Rolls Royce seemed to really enjoy the fact there was something else happening in the work place. I personally found it rewarding to know that we had raised so much in such a short space of time for such a great cause”.


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