June 12

Hairstylist Darren has the X-Factor!


Darren Read from the seanhanna Wimbledon branch was personally requested by X-Factor finalist, Laura White to style her hair for her debut music video, “Cathedral” which is out now.

The video was shot at Elstree Film Studios in Hertfordshire, home to where some of the most famous films in the world have been produced.

“The music video had a melancholy feel to it so I worked closely with Laura to create a grunge effect with an element of elegance. I backcombed the crown section to create height and a disheveled texture using Loreal tec ni art Constructor then tonged the hair – which was blended with Balmain Hair Extensions to give body – into groomed, glossy, tousled waves. The amalgamation of “rough” and “smooth” texture looked interesting on screen and worked well with the moody tones of Laura’s makeup and clothes.” said Darren.

Darren’s charm and skill for creating amazing hair styles from concept to reality impressed Laura, who said “I loved working with Darren because he totally understood the ambiance of the video and was able to create a style which reflected that. Continuity is vital in videos in order to get the mood across on screen for authenticity and Darren certainly had a hand in that. I look forward to working with him again for future projects.”


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