Meet Creative Specialist Stephen from Putney and his guest Sasha. Stephen is a L’Oréal Colour Specialist and has been working for seanhanna for 2 years. Sasha has been visiting Stephen for over a year! 

Stephen: She's fun, she's bubbly, we laugh, we cry. We leave it all out on the table don't we Sasha. 

Sasha: We do. Absolutely!

How long have you been working at seanhanna?

Stephen: Hi, I’m Stephen and I’ve been in seanhanna for 2 years now.  
Sasha: Hi, I’m Sasha and I’ve been seeing Stephen for just over a year! Whenever I go into the salon it’s like a real break from family life. And I get to be pampered and he looks after me. The salon is really fun and everyone really welcoming, and we all have a bit giggle and laugh. And I come out with a fabulous hairstyle. 
If you could do anything…
Stephen: To be honest we have done so much so far, haven’t we! 
Sasha: As long as you don’t scalp me, I wouldn’t mind! [Laughing].
Stephen: We’ve literally gone from pixie to having a bit more texture. We’ve changed it from silver to white and we stick to that lighter palette. Lengthwise, we change it up. We are always open. 
Sasha: Yeah, we do like to mix it up! 

[Stephen and Sasha laughs]
What do you love about seanhanna?
Sasha: What I love about seanhanna in Putney is it’s got a really cool, funky vibe compared to some of the other salons I’ve been too. And everyone is just so cool and welcoming. And I just love being in there as it’s my little bit of time out, my little bit of solaces from normality.