‘Skyler:The thing I love about Sean is that he’s very precise. So, every section is so clean, and I’ve learned everything from Sean (hair dressing-wise). [Sean and Skyler say together: hair dressing-wise]. He is so clean and he so precise. I know that haircut is always going to be amazing!
Sean: I’m Sean and I’m the Managing Director of seanhanna salons. 
Skyler: I’m Skyler Hanna and I’m the Creative Director of seanhanna salons. 
[Sean, points to Skyler] Sean: She has the same name as me! 
Skyler: We’ve been together for 14 years and he’s cut my hair for 14 years. 

Most memorable moment? 
Skyler: He cut all my hair off.  Like one time, we were away in Thailand and he said he was going to give me a haircut, without a mirror or anything like that and cut all my hair off, sliced it all off.  You cut my hair, you shaved the side of my head without a pair of clippers in the Isle of Wight, in the garden. That was good. 
Sean: That was one of my favourite looks. I did really like that. 
Skyler: What about the time that you cut my fringe in the middle of the street. [Looks at Sean]. 
[Sean points to Sky] Sean: In Paris? 
Skyler: No, not in Paris. You cut my fridge in the middle of the street in a ski town [Sean: Oh, that’s right] in Monterosa. 
Sean: Yeah, we had to go to the chemist and get a…[Skyler: a pair of scissors] buy a pair of scissors because we didn’t have any. [Skyler: and you cut me a fringe].And I cut you a fringe. 
Skyler: It was my first fringe. 
Sean: Because I knew it would look great and I said while you are saying yes, I’m going to do it now. And then I thought but I haven’t got my scissors. So, we actually ran out and just got a pair of scissors literally cut it in the street [Skyler: cut it in the street]. And we came back, and everyone was like... you’ve had your hair cut! 
If you could do anything… 
Sean: Over the years, actually we’ve coloured sky’s hair [Skyler: Red] many different colours. [Skyler: He’d dye it red] but I always say to her that it would look great [Skyler: Red] as a nice titian red.

[Sky starts laughing]
Would you ever cheat on your stylist? 
Skyler: The rule between Sean and myself from the start is that we can only cut each other’s hair. That’s it. That’s the rule. 
Sean: Except Tomm and Lloyd cut her hair. 
Skyler: No, it only happens occasionally. It only happens once in a while. It’s not a big deal. It’s only just a little sometimes. 
Sean: What she doesn’t know is I pay them to cut her hair. So, I don’t have to do it. 
[Skyler laughs] 
Gaby: (our awesome director): Sky, who’s better? 
[Skyler bursts out laughing] 
Skyler: *Shocked*Sean’s the best! Sean is the best. 
Sean: Unbiased opinion. [Point’s to Skyler]. 
[Skyler winks to the camera, the crew starts laughing]. 

Sean: The worse thing about cutting sky’s hair is she doesn’t pay. But other than that, I’m okay. 
Skyler: I’ll pay. 
Gaby: She married you. 
Skyler: In my own way. Yeah, I pay a lot for that.

[Gaby and Skyler starts laughing]. 
Skyler: I always like it when he cuts my hair the amount that I’ve asked him too.

[Skyler laughs] 
Sean: Which is all the time. 
Skyler: [Laughs] That’s my favourite haircut. [Sean and Skyler laugh together]. When he does, what I’ve asked him to do.