One of the things that makes being a hairdresser so special are the relationships we build with our guests. To celebrate these relationships, we decided to showcase some of our top talent within the company and see what some of their favourite guests had to say about them..

Rachel started her apprenticeship with us in 2016 at our Cambridge Salon. She quickly grew into a very talented hairdresser. She has won numerous awards including the predigest Edward Bywater’s award and is a member of our seanhanna Creative Youth Team. Becky has been seeing Rachel for 2 years. 

Becky: What I love about Rachel is that she's got fantastic hair. So, you walk into the salon and know you are in good hands because she has got the most amazing hair. And you know, you're going come out looking a million dollars. 

Rachel: I am Rachel and I’ve been working at the seanhanna Cambridge for about 3 years now. 
Becky: I’m Becky and I’ve been one of Rachel’s clients for about 2 years now. 
What do you love about your guest?
Rachel: I like Becky’s hair because she’s confident in what colour she wants. She always knows what she wants and won’t give me some vague answer. She is just fun to chat with while you do her hair and she is just always fully full of energy all the time. 
Would you ever cheat on your stylist? 
Becky: I would never cheat on Rachel. She is brilliant. She knew immediately when I went brown, that she could see in my face that it wasn’t me. She was trying her best to be like it looks really good. It does look really good, but it doesn't feel like me. And she was like, yeah, yeah, I know what you mean. I know you, I know how you feel and I want you to come out of the salon feeling like you. 
Do you confide in your stylist? 
Becky: I talk about work a lot. She’s the first to know about my work and who I don’t get on with or who I do get on with. She’s the first to know if I’ve had a problem with my boyfriend. I would come in and be like I'm so tired because he came in and ERRR. 

[Rachel and Becky start laughing] 

What do you love about seanhanna? 

Becky: Every time I walk into seanhanna, I’m greeted like an old friend. I’m asked immediately if I want a coffee. It always feels like a real treat. Every time I walk in there, everyone always said hello and everyone asks how I am. Everyone knows everything about me and I know everything about them. I catch up when I see Rachel, how are you, how's life, how's everything. And she asks me the same questions as well. And we just have a really good time. I spend about 3 hours there and my favourite part is when I get to have my hair washed because it always feels like I’m in a spa. It is so relaxing! 


Becky: Whenever I come out of the salon, everyone is like oh my god your hair is so amazing.[Becky, does a hair flick]. I know, I went to Rachel! 

[Rachel and Becky start laughing] 
We hoped you enjoyed watching Rachel and Becky’s story! If you've missed any of our previous episodes, then you can watch them on our website. In my next email, you will meet Chloe and her guest, Laura!