​Kirsty is our Manager and Head Stylist at seanhanna Wimbledon. She has been working for seanhanna for 8 years. Kirsty enjoys doing cuts and colour transformations, as she is always excited to see the final result. Kirsty's guest is mother and daughter Eileen and Ariana. Eileen has been visiting Kirsty for 2 years and Ariana for 3.5 years. 

Ariana: I trust Kirsty 100%! For me, it's just she makes me feel really relaxed. Again that is another good trait for it. So, trust and relaxation kind of let's you have that bond between us. It does.

Kirsty: Thanks!

Ariana: Yes, she has got it out of me.  

How long have you been with seanhanna?
Eileen: I’m Eileen and I’ve been going to seanhanna to see Kirsty for 2 years now. 
Ariana: My name is Ariana and I’ve been visiting Kirsty for 3.5 years.
Kirsty: Hi, I’m Kirsty I would say I’ve been going to seanhanna BUT and I’ve been working for seanhanna for 8 years now! 
What’s been your favourite look? 
Eileen: My favourite thing that Kirsty has done to my hair is to make it this colour and to make it look natural for my age. 
Arianna: She did a colour drag, a couple of months ago and I just walked out of the salon just like feeling like a million dollars! Like this [Ariana flicks her hair up]. 
Kirsty: Loving life! 

Ariana: Yes, definitely. 
What do you love about your guests? 
Kirsty: You know what it just something different each time, especially with Ariana. We go short, we go long, we go dark and we go light. Like, it’s endless! Yeah, I love it you come in [gestures to Ariana] as it’s a nice change. I love it when [gestures to Eileen] comes in as I can change your hair. I can make it feel better. From when you first came in to now, your hair has gone through such a journey. I just like seeing how long it’s got! Like every time you come in and go oh my god it's so long! Yeah, I just love it. 
What do you love about seanhanna?
Ariana: So, I go in and feel so like positive because Kirsty is there and she’s like right what are we doing this time? And I'm like sorry Kirst, I am going down a completely different route this week. Erm, I’m going to have something wild. Like brown! [Kirsty: yup] She has done it platinum blonde the time before. So, I do like to challenge her. But I love that we just have a really good chemistry. So, I actually enjoy going. Sometimes you go to the hairdressers and you just feel like RRRR. But actually I really enjoy it and everyone is very, very friendly in Wimbledon, and everyone talks to you. And one of the girls is here today and I've said hello to her. So, it does make you feel a bit like a family. It is nice.

Kirsty: Aw, that's so nice. Thanks! 
Would you ever cheat on your stylist? 
Kirsty: Careful with your answer with this!

[All start laughing]
Eileen & Ariana: Definitely not! 
Ariana: Never, she has transformed my hair so much. So, I wouldn’t want to go to anyone else. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with her. It’s a bit like going to the doctor or the dentist, you trust those people. Like I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. 
Eileen: No, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. My colour is just so lovely now.  It is so natural looking. 
Kirsty: I could cry, did you know that. It's just so nice! 
Eileen: It’s lovely going in and we always have a laugh. Kirsty is always interested in what we’ve been doing and where we’ve been traveling. She is just a lovely person! 

Kirsty: Aw, thanks!