Meet Creative Image Award winner and Head Stylist Ilker from Canary Wharf. He has been working for the salon for 3 years and will start his L’Oréal Colour Specialist Award in September. Yasmin has been seeing Ilker for 2 years and loves having a weekly Blow-Dry! 

Yasmin: I love the way that Ilker blow dries my hair it's amazing. My hair is really quite unruly to do which a lot of hairdressers have struggled with in the past. And he gets it super smooth.
Yasmin: Hi everyone, I’m Yasmin and I’ve been seeing Ilker for 2 years!
Ilker: I’m Ilker and I’ve been working at the seanhanna Canary Wharf branch for almost 3 years. 
Yasmin: So, the reason I first went to see Ilker in Canary Wharf was actually because I went to a seanhanna salon in Cambridge. And one the stylist who was giving me a blow-dry (my weekly Blow-Dry)and she actually said, “if you’re from London, you really need to go and see a guy called Ilker, he works in Canary Wharf”. So, I phoned up and asked if a guy called Ilker works there and they said yes. I said I would love a Blow-Dry! Ever since then, every week, I go and see him.
Would you cheat on your stylist?
Yasmin: I would never cheat on Ilker as a stylist. Only because, I’ve done it once before. (I have to admit, Ilker)and it was a very, very bad decision. And I would never do it again. 
What do you love about seanhanna?
Yasmin: What I love about seanhanna in Canary Wharf is everyone is really friendly and welcoming. And because I’ve been going there for so long, they treat me almost like family. 
If you could do anything…
Ilker: I did a Balayage to her hair, it was the first time and now we would like to go darker! 
Yasmin: If I wasn’t so strict with my hair, I think Ilker would love to dye it purple and probably cut it shorter. 
Ilker: That’s true! 

[Ilker and Yasmin starts laughing]