Meet Manager & Executive Stylist Gina and her very special guest Phil and Linda. Gina has been working in our Sutton salon for 15 years and is our blow drying queen!.Phil and Linda has been seeing Gina for 6 years and has become apart of the Sutton salon family. 

Linda: Everybody knows you, everybody talks to you whoever you are. Whether it's the person shampooing the hair, sweeping the floor or doing the colour. Also, they are all very open-minded. If you wanted a change your hairstyle, something like that. They know what you're talking about. They understand what you're trying to say. And that I really do appreciate that. 

Gina: Hi, I’m Gina and I’m the manager of seanhanna in Sutton and I've been working for seanhanna for 15 years. 
Phil: I’m Phil and it’s my pleasure to have known Gina for at least 5 years much longer, probably. 
Linda: I’m Linda and I’ve been going to seanhanna for about 15 years but with Gina for about 5 or 6 years ago. 6 years, I think? [Looks to Gina for reassurance].
What do you love about your stylist? 
Linda: What I love about Gina… 
Gina: *Whispers- Everything*. 
Linda: [Laughs and looks at Gina] Apart from being a wonderful stylist which she is, and she has lots of creative suggestions. She is very supportive. She is great fun and when I go in there it’s like an event. It’s a wonderful event. Morning, afternoon, whatever. The whole experience is just  fantastic. 
What’s been your favourite style? 
Gina: My favourite style, is where we’ve gone really choppy [gestures to Linda] and she has just changed her colour as well. We are having this choppy blonde, kind of very more modern look that we are going for. [Gestures to Phil] I’ve made him more modern. Erm, it was more of an 80’s look when first inherited Phil and now he is looking more rugged. 
Linda: Rugged? 
Gina: Rugged. Yes, rugged! You like rugged. So, [looking at Phil] he is kind of more up to date. We are updating them both really. Very modern, very modern couple. After 26 years of marriage, they need some spice in their life. [Phil starts laughing] and I’ve done that for them. 
If you could do anything… 
Gina: What I would do to Linda’s hair is I would probably grow it! Because that’s one thing we’ve never done. [Looking toward Linda] We’ve never had long hair. Erm, we’ve had very short hairstyles, [Linda nods and agrees with Gina]but we’ve never really had it really long hair. 
Linda: If I could do anything with Gina’s hair, I would think of sculpturing her hair a little more. Perhaps chopping it off a little bit and having it a little bit more layered. Just for a change. Just to see.
Gina: You do listen don't you when we have our consultations, that very good.

Linda: oh yes!  
Bing: (our awesome cameraman): Let me just get this straight… You want to make her look like you. And you want to make her look like you? 
[Studio starts laughing] 
Gina: Yes, we are just one big happy family! 

Phil: I just want my hair back… [bursts out laughing].  

Linda: We are just so close! 
Gina & Linda: We are just so close, we’ve bonded! 
Linda: I feel almost emotional! 
Gina: Do you? 
[Studio starts laughing]