Eunsook is a Consultant at our Wimbledon salon and has been working for seanhanna for 15 years. Eunsook, enjoys creating hair-ups and is currently studying for her L’Oréal Colour Specialist award. Pat has been a loyal and very special guest at seanhanna for 15 years! 

Pat: When I go into shops, I’m looking at myself in the mirror because it always looks so lovely! 

How long have you been with seanhanna?
Eunsook: Hi, my name is Eunsook and I’ve been working for seanhanna Wimbledon for over 10 years. 

Pat:  My name’s Pat and I’ve been going to see Eunsook for about 15 years. Originally, at Canary Wharf and then for the last 11 years at Wimbledon. She originally just cuts my hair and now she colours and cuts!
What do you love about your stylist? 
Pat: What I love about Eunsook is she always asks me how my hair was. If I say it was it too dark or too light, she always takes it into account, and she adjusts it. And it’s usually perfect! 
What’s been your favourite style? 
Pat: I think it’s a similar style I’ve had, but just different lengths, different layering but Eunsook found the absolute best style years ago and we stick with it. 
If you could do anything… 
Eunsook: If I could do anything with Pat’s hair, I might go shorter around the neckline and have a little more blonde put in.  
Pat: That’s fine but I’m always saying to Eunsook every time not too short Eunsook! 
Eunsook: Pat’s hair is so beautiful, it’s reallyvery straight, very fine and when I touch it, it feels so soft. I just really love it!