One of the things that makes being a hairdresser so special are the relationships we build with our guests. To celebrate these relationships, we decided to showcase some of our top talent within the company and see what some of their favourite guests had to say about them..

Erin is a Salon Stylist at seanhanna Canary Wharf and has been working there for 7 months. Erin’s story is particularly special as her guest is boyfriend Sam! 

Sam: She loves her work, every time she comes home, she is non-stop talking about it. Every time you go up there it is a different experience altogether. She's not just my girlfriend, she is my stylist. 
Erin: Hi, I’m Erin and I work at Canary Wharf and I’ve been there for 7 months now. 

Sam: I’m Sam and I’ve been going to see Erin in Canary Wharf for the last 7 months. 
When did you first start cutting Sam’s hair? 
Erin: I remember, I first came out of barbering college after hairdressing college and we were at the back of his shed. And he got his father’s clippers and he was like, “fix my hair”! So, that is the first time I ever did his hair. And I don’t think he has cheated on me… Hairdressing wise!

[Erin & Sam start laughing]
Sam: I can confirm, I haven’t.

[Sam starts laughing]  
What do you love about your guest? 
Erin: I love doing Sam’s hair because he is not afraid, to be honest with me. If there is one hair out place, he will tell. And yeah, he is great to speak to, great to talk to and he understands and respects my work. 
If you could do anything… 

Sam: Erm... 

Erin: Careful…. 

Sam: Erm, I don’t know. That's a hard one! 
Erin: Dye it purple!
SamI probably dye it blonde! [Erin looks completely shocked]  She didn’t want me to say that. 
Erin: Erm… Mohican? To be honest, I’ve tried going a little bit longer with his hair before, but he prefers his short cuts. He is very picky when it comes to things like that. So, we just stick to whatever he is comfortable with really. 
What do you love about seanhanna? 
Sam: I love how relaxed it is. I can book an appointment, sit down when I get there and there is a cup of tea waiting for me. When I finish, I’m cleaned up, hair washed up and a nice massage at the end of it!