One of the things that makes being a hairdresser so special are the relationships we build with our guests. To celebrate these relationships, we decided to showcase some of our top talent within the company and see what some of their favourite guests had to say about them..

Dan: I just sit there and say “Whatever, I don’t mind”.

Tom: He will sit there and then suddenly he will be having a haircut and I will be like “Do you know what we are going to shape your eyebrows today”. And he is like yeah go for it!

Dan: Alright, sure, why not?

How long have you been with seanhanna? 

Tomm: So, my name is Tomm and I’m one of our Executive Stylist in the Putney salon. I’ve been currently working there for 6 years. And I’ve been with our company for 16 years! 

Tomm: I know it’s a long time. 
Dan: Many years...  
Tomm: I was a little wee boy. 
Dan: I wasn’t born. 
Tomm: You wasn’t born? 
Dan: No, I was. 
Dan: I’m Dan and I’ve been visiting seanhanna Putney for 6 years. I’m very much their VIP, I think?
Tomm: You are the VIP!
Dan: The MVP, even.
What do you love about your stylists? 
Dan: I love that Tomm makes me feel comfortable. One of the things, when I look forward to coming in and having my hair done it’s just like that's going to be a nice couple of hours. It’s where I get to chat and feel at ease. And look like this, when I leave. Which is nice! 
Tomm: I love that. 
Dan: Good.
Tell us about the first time you visited seanhanna? 
Dan: So, the first time I came to seanhanna, was when I had long hair. I thought I looked like Thor! (I didn’t). I had that for like 4/5 years and I didn’t think I would ever get rid of it.[Tomm: but you did]. It was brave, we did it and then look at me now…blonde! Ish. 
Tomm: Ish. 
Dan: Bit of root showing but… 
Tomm: But ‘rootig’ is like the new fashion. 
What do you love about seanhanna? 
[Dan & Tomm laugh together] 

Dan: I love to go and have someone fuss over my hair for a bit, while I get to lay there and feel very comfortable. It is a whole relaxing experience for me. 

Tomm: Who comes into a salon, getting their hair bleached and sits there having a large glass of white wine, watching the football. Trying to feel that manly moment, yeah!
[Tomm laughs] 

Dan: All the sensory experiences, that’s very much who I am. 
If you could do anything… 
Tomm: If I could do anything to Dan’s hair, to be honest, I’ve done it and we are going to keep on doing it. I kind of want to take him to that nice icy blue, winter colour. I’m loving this colour at the moment. I would love to do that to do that to Dan. 

Dan: I’m in!

Tomm: Now, this style is perfect for him as he could wear it in so many different ways. He could wear it curly, straight and stuff like that. But I would really like to do some shave lines in and stuff like that. [Dan: Ohh] like really unique, like a little bit of pattern work and even a slit in the eyebrow. You know, make him a bit more edgy. 
Dan: You can make this edgy?
Tomm: I can make you edgy!
Dan: Try it, yeah! 
Tell us about why you love visiting the Putney Salon? 
Dan: I love going to Putney and to see Tomm because it makes me feel so relaxed. There is this a whole family vibe. Which sounds kind of cliché. [Tomm and Dan make heart shapes with their hands to the camera]. Yeah, look at that it’s lovely. Oh, I’ve just done it wrong. Mines a diamond. You are a diamond!

Dan: They make you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed and like I know I’m going to go in and walk out feeling good!