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At seanhanna we specialise in offering fantastic hairdressing apprenticeships where you have the opportunity to earn while you learn.

seanhanna careers

At seanhanna we have a number of great career openings across our London and Cambridge salons.

Education: It's a journey, not a destination

Why do we put such emphasis on continual education? Because hairdressing is always evolving. Fashion changes, techniques get re-invented, and product technology improves on an almost monthly basis allowing us to do more exciting things with hair. So we make it a priority to offer all our teams continual and ongoing training to give them the best skillset to stay at the top of their game.

Hairdressing Apprenticeships

Our apprentices are the future of not just our company but the whole hairdressing industry. Without new and exciting blood coming through, our industry would simply stagnate.

We are passionate about looking after our apprentices and helping them develop their skills and confidence. When they join us, we give them a period of in-salon experience, after which time we sign them up for their NVQ training. Hairdressing is without doubt an exciting and vibrant career with so many opportunities, and your initial training becomes the foundation of your future career.

seanhanna Careers

At seanhanna we have a number of fantastic career openings across our London Surrey and Cambridge salons. You can enjoy competitive rewards in a secure inclusive working environment. We offer a personalised career development plan for all our teams and offer ongoing training.

Creative Souls

Most of us choose hairdressing as a career because we have a creative soul. We want to make things, paint things, colour things and even break things. We are just wired that way. This is the essence behind the seanhanna hairdressing brand. Alongside our love of looking after our salon guests, we encourage our teams to develop their creative ambitions. Entering competitions, working on catwalk shows, or presenting hair seminars, our teams have worked all over the globe passionately sharing their ideas and concepts.

Everyone is different

It takes all sorts of people to make a great team. It doesn’t work when everyone is the same. This is why we encourage people to be themselves. We are all motivated and excited by differing things.  Encouraging people to develop their skills whilst reaming true to themselves is one of the ways that we believe we can consistently grow amazing teams.

Annual Awards

One of the most exciting days in our seanhanna calendar is our annual awards show. This is where we get to recognise and reward our brilliant team. We have categories that recognise our apprentices, our stylists and colourists. Our creative awards are open to everyone in the company and really does give people the chance to shine. It is also a great platform to see our Creative team in action led by Colour Director Lloyd Court.


seanhanna team

After doing a uni degree in Sculpture, I was looking for a creative outlet where I use my passion for creativity. I had been working at seanhanna during my course as a receptionist and decided to train to be a hairdresser. 

I recently presented my first hair show, showing some of my Avant Garde ideas. It was a lot of hard work but I absolutely loved it! Being a hairdresser is definitely harder than I had imagined, but I love it and one day hope to be voted British Hairdresser of the Year.

Phoebe Carraro


I started my training as an apprentice and I'm now one of the top stylists in the company. I have a Colour Specialist degree and I'm fully trained in doing extensions. I love all types of hairdressing and have won awards for my session and avant garde work.  

I think the education at seanhanna is really good as long as you are prepared to take advantage of what's on offer. I have just been shortlisted for Stylist of the Year in this years British Business Hairdressing Awards which is incredibly exciting!

Rachel Bentley