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Artistic Director Yesmin O’Brien has recently been busy working at Fashion Week, in London and Milan. We asked her to keep a diary so she could share some of her experiences. Yesmin is also the owner/director of our seanhanna salon in Sutton.

Just thought I’d keep you all up to date on my latest trips; London and Milan fashion week! Very excited about what’s to come, I’m working with some amazing designers; Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Fendi, Chanel and so many more! I hope you enjoy reading, as I make my way around London and Milan and bring you all the gossip and trends from behind the scenes at the shows.


Saturday 17th September
Started today working with the Clements Ribeiro team on their ultra-chic collection then went onto Jaeger. The luxury of their products is even more prominent this year as they’ve brought more youthful looks into their last few collections.
Then off I went to Vivienne Westwood!
La Grande Dame never fails to create a frenzy of excitement with her shows. On location at the Smithfield Market Arcade, security has no mercy and is as tight as ever and if your name isn’t on the list, you won’t get in.
Vivienne has split hair and make-up seamlessly into three categories:
1) Ice Maiden – With crescent shaped PVC, denim or glittery material stuck on the head and hair completely hidden.
2) Marie Antoinette-esque size and shape with added hair for theatre and presence with an almost oil-painting blend of bright colours.
3) This style was added hair scooped into a high pointed sculpture and moulded into a dishevelled structure; built as high as possible and kept in-line with the angle of the cheekbone. Some styles had added braids down the back to waist length with vibrant, sharp angles of painted colours on the face.
For an added touch of drama, random arrays of colour were sprayed on the hair.
The clothes were a collection of tailored, angled, beautifully crafted works of art; as befits the lady herself.

Sunday 18th September
It’s easy to see Mulberry has acted on the youth interest in their label and sparked changes in their campaigns with fun and unkempt class to compliment the label.
Very much an English seaside feel; salt water-affected hair. Hair was big-tonged but brushed out to give the effect that nothing had been done to it, and candy coloured hairpieces were subtly placed on the side of the head. The guests were greeted with ice cream boys handing out ice cream from a van outside the ballroom. Attention to details certainly wasn’t overlooked, with the venue festooned with animal balloons and even the tissues in the toilet sporting animal prints!
The clothing prints were a mix of subtle animal based pieces and jewellery encrusted statements with everything beautifully blending together; and not to forget the customary ‘Mulberry dog’ strutting down the catwalk in a matching jacket with its model partner.

Later today was Nicole Farhi where it was all about creating a casual-chic look; neutral simplicity with the make-up, soft colours in the clothes and blonde shades added to the hair. The day ended with Mario-Schwab’s team; creating beautiful film-noir glamour inspired hair and silk and chiffon in the clothes.

Monday 19th September
I was faced with a slightly more relaxing day today with just Peter Pilotto showcasing yet another beautiful collection with silvers, jewel encrusted pieces and muted primary and pastel colours. They are certainly catering for any age market who want quality pieces without having a look at the price tag.
The hair at the nape of the neck was left loose, the mid-section ponytailed and the top section flat braided and then all blended together at the back. The simple and angular style was complimented by the subtle, fresh-faced make-up.
So good was this collection that it made front page of Fashion Daily the next day!

Tuesday 20th September
Today involved working with Kinder Aguninni; with hair a lot simpler than previous years but still as eye-catching and beautiful and statement clothes as ever.
Later was Amanda Wakely; the lady who brings out the beauty in any woman. The clothing was dominated by silks and chiffons in a clever blend of subdued primary colours flowing at different lengths. Hair was the epitome of elegance; 2 ponytails inter-braided, with black ribbon entwined elegantly and pinned up for smart, no effort sophistication; all working perfectly with the fresh, neutral make-up and nails.


Thursday 22nd September
With the morning’s weather a lot kinder in Milan than London, it was smiles all round as we made our way to the Fendi show.
Hair was BIG for Fendi this year; simple, big, backcombed and then dressed off the face smoothly into an almost bob shape and the make-up was made up of statement gold or silver leaves adhered to the eyes. With 22 girls dressed in expensive cloths and some fur, as they moved, so did the flow of elegant material.

Friday 23rd September
Today working with Bluemarine was creating a simple, ‘rich girl’ ponytail and natural make-up and nails to match. This worked unbelievably well when the accessories took over the catwalk with bracelets, bangles and earrings galore. The clothing ranges from fifties tailored dresses and fun jumpsuits to an assortment of techno-coloured shorts and black or white PVC-tight dresses. It certainly catered for all moods; innocent to naughty to vampish!

Saturday 24th September
In the middle of no-where, in a rustic setting, Just Cavalli unleashed their “Just Cavalli Girl”. The hair this season was all about the party hard, hippie Italian girl, with unaffected pariah tonging, partial rope braids, or fish tail plaits and natural make-up with eye’s decorated wonderfully with glitter. The clothes spoke of the seaside Med chic; soft chiffons, silks and organzas.
The afternoon brought about my other “naughty” label; Mischino Cheap n Chic. With an almost eco-chic vibe, they showcased natural, simple quality fabrics and amazing stage awareness for the global economic climate of today.

Wednesday 28th September
Today was Thierry Mugler, and as usual, his collections certainly brought the audience to attention. PVC black, nudes and some creams dominated the catwalk with sheer lace, and angular cuts with missing panels. The hair was created to look as if the girls had just got out of the water and brushed it themselves, while make-up was contoured and nails were nude. As Lady Gaga’s favourite brand, she made the opening video and was there in spirit, just not in person.

Thursday 29th September
The clothes spoke volumes with sharp cuts, different lengths, blacks and greys all playing homage to the rich, confident, successful party girl. The hair was effortless ponytails for the girl who doesn’t need to prove herself, as was the make-up. Not to be fooled though, the effortless-looking briefs are always the hardest.

Friday 30th September
Before I set off to Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label show in the ballroom of the Grand Hotel, it was a wonderful morning with the Ann Valerie Hash team. As one of the ten couture houses based in Paris, this collection was pure, delicate, floating luxury. Influenced by Moroccan art, the hair was natural apart from a braided triangle section at the front secured to the natural hair and the make-up included a ‘tattoo’ frame around the eyes with delicate shading around it.

Thursday 4th October
Today was Chanel, the maestro of couture, and the collection certainly did not disappoint. The theatre was underwater with various large-scale ‘sea life’ modelled on ‘the seabed’. 74 models wore ‘wet’ hair secured casually in a bun with pearls scattered on their head and wore delicate, pearly make-up. Ensuring attention to detail wasn’t missed, the models floated down the catwalk to Florence Welch performing on a ‘shell’ stage accompanied by a harpist.
What a way to end my trip.