Do you know someone who has had a recent hair disaster? It could be they have bleached their hair themselves and it’s all fallen out. It could be they had extensions that have gone wrong. It could be anything from horrendous colours, or styling horrors to catastrophic cuts. If they have not yet had it fixed, the LAST CHANCE SALON could be for them.

‘Last Chance Salon’ is a new TV series currently being shown on Discovery TLC and features our top stylist Skyler McDonald.

Skyler’s job is to tackle any hair disaster and get the client back on track with their hair. Skyler is considered to be one of the UK’s leading hair experts and her results, although not always instantaneous, are often quite miraculous.

If you or someone you know needs Sky’s help and would be happy to take part in this dramatic TV programme, please fill in the form below. If the programme researchers feel you could be right for the show, they will contact you within the next few days.

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