Thank you for your interest in our innercircle Gift Card Offer - we are now live! This really is our favourite day of the year. This offer is for our very best clients and gives a great discount off next years hairdressing bill. They also make a pretty spectacular present as well.

In Summary
Our offer is available for TODAY only.
We have a limited number of cards available.
Once all cards are sold the offer will be withdrawn.
This offer is exclusive to innercircle members only.
The offer is limited to 3 cards maximum per person.
Your card can be used for any seanhanna service or retail item but excludes electrical items.

How It Works
You buy your seanhanna gift card from one of the following options:
A - £200
B - £400
C - £750

You will then receive a card respectively with:
A - £250
B - £500
C - £1000

You can give the card to a loved one for Christmas or you could keep and use the card yourself, giving you a huge discount on seanhanna services.

You can also use the card towards other seanhanna promotions saving you even more money.

Availability is limited as follows:
A - 250 cards available
B - 100 cards available
C - 50 cards available

Cards will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

The offer will close either 24 hours from launch or when the available cards sell out.

 The only exclusion is that these special offer gift cards cannot be used to purchase electrical items.

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