SAVE up to £250

How it works:

You pay:

A: £200

You Receive respectively:

A: £250

Saving you up to £250!!

You can give the card to a friend or loved one for Christmas or you can keep and use the card yourself, giving you a huge discount on seanhanna services.


Our offer is available until Midnight, tonight. 
This is exclusively for our innercircle members only.
Strictly limited to a maximum of THREE cards per person.

Your card can be used for full or part payment on any seanhanna service or retail item excluding electrical retail items.  


The only exclusion is that these special gift cards cannot be used to purchase electrical items.

Limited Availability:

This offer is strictly available till Midnight. There are no exceptions to this as we do need to be fair to everyone.

This really is our favourite day of the year giving our best clients giving a huge discount off seanhanna services.