Here it is! We are delighted to share our Tierdrop haircut with you in a Step by Step format. The Tierdrop has been one of our most commercially successful haircuts over the past few years. Education is key to the success of all of us here at seanhanna, and creating powerful but easy to understand education is key to ensuring that we can empower all our team. Although in the example shown here, we have used a long haired model, the Tierdrop works well on all hair lengths, all textures and works well with or without a fringe. It features a technique called “seamless layers” which allows the client to have lots of lift and body without the layers looking too short. It’s very practical, very commercial and very easy to manage. The video is about 6 minutes long, so make sure you allow yourself enough time to watch it all. I do hope you enjoy it and have some fun with it. If you would like to contact our careers team, please call Mia on 020 8540 5967.