For an amazingly low price you can have a luxury shampoo, a nourishing conditioner and professional blow-dry with an experienced fully qualified seanhanna stylist. It’s exclusively a ‘pop in’ service which means you can’t book it in advance. In view of the popularity of this service we have added an UPGRADE menu. This means you can also have intense conditioners and colour refreshers, again at seductively low prices. Here is a list of the upgrade services we currently have on offer. Please remember that due to the very low prices, none of the services below can be booked in advance and are only offered on a ‘pop in’ basis.

The ORIGINAL Executive Blow-Dry   from £15*

This is a fully styled blow-dry with a qualified stylist

Executive Style Fix   £20

Re-touch your hair using irons, tongs and products

(this doesn’t include a wash)


Colour Refresh Blow-Dry   £40

Boost your colour with a colour wash and an executive blow-dry

Botox Blow-Dry   £45

Botox treatment that plumps and smoothes the hair, repairing split ends

and damage

Treatment Intense Blow-Dry   £35

An executive blow-dry along with an intense two part conditioning treatment


The Ultimate Blow-Dry   £55

A ‘caviar’ treatment which does everything your hair needs to look and feel great, finished off with an executive blow-dry


* Please be aware that the cost of the Executive Blow-Dry is £15 with the exception of our branches in Canary Wharf and Putney, who both charge £20