The seanhanna team recently celebrated their 40th anniversary at the 2023 seanhanna Awards. The evening took place at FIRE in Vauxhall. The team were joined by celebrity hairdressers, manufacturers and key industry friends and colleagues. The fun filled evening was an exciting and inspirational event with many surprises including  a section of retro videos showing the salons and teams over the decades plus a personalised version of the Top Gun film starring Sean Lloyd and Tomm. 


Check out the video highlights here..


The evening started with a collection of hair shows led by the salon group's directors Yesmin O'Brien, and Lloyd Court. There was then a section for our New Generation stars featuring Amy Farrow and Phoebe Carraro.

These shows were followed by the highly charged awards ceremony. See the winners below. 

Here's how it went!

             THE WINNERS

  • Special recognition - Sudi Alavi Ghahfarokhi
  • Outstanding Contribution - Juliet Shadenburg
  • Retail Stylist of the Year – Joanna Sawyer
  • Retail Receptionist of the Year - Punam Tailor
  • Edward Bywaters Award – Molly Jones 
  • Social Media Award – Amy Farrow
  • Receptionist of the Year – Karolina Klipacs
  • Salon Stylist of the Year – Eun Sook Halls
  • Manager of the Year – Punam Tailor
  • Salon of the Year - WIMBLEDON

  • Newcomer of the Year  – Hannah Adriaanse
  • Mens Stylist of the Year – Maria Ollivierre-Brown
  • Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year – Phoebe Carraro
  • Colourist of the Year – Emma Diaz 
  • Stylist of the Year – Aaliyah Zreik

It takes more than fancy flying:

Sean Lloyd and Tomm star in their own version of TOP GUN


All of our fabulous team and guests were glammed up for our Rock & Roll theme!

Take a look at all the wonderful photos from the night below.