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Do YOU want to train to be a hairdresser when you leave school?

Are you currently in your last year at school?

Do you want to receive amazing training from one of the UK’s leading Hair Salon Groups?

If you have answered YES to these three questions, you might want to sign up below to let me know that you are interested in a hairdressing apprenticeship with the seanhanna salon group.

With our own dedicated Academy, we not only offer training that will set you up for life but also take you through both your NVQ2 and NVQ3 qualifications.

By registering here today, you will be eligible to come to one of our OPEN DAYS dedicated to school leavers interested in choosing hairdressing as their career.

The OPEN DAYS might still be a little way off, but in the mean time I will regularly send you some cool information about all the exciting aspects of being a hairdresser within a top salon group.

If you have already left school and would like to apply for a TRAINEE position at one of our salons right now, simply click here now and complete the application form.

My name is Skyler McDonald. I am the Creative Director for the seanhanna salon group and I am already searching for exciting and talented recruits for my next intake of trainees.

Hairdressing can be an awesome career choice. It’s been brilliant for me. I’ve loved every minute. As well as working in one of the best salons in London, I work on shows all over the world, work on amazing photoshoots and even feature in a TV show. There is a whole world of opportunities but the key thing is having the right training.

In fact the right TRAINING is the foundation to everything you will decide to do in your career. And my role at seanhanna is to make sure we provide the very best training for our future generation of fantastic hairdressers. I don’t want to mislead you – it’s not easy, but the good stuff rarely is! Most things worth having require effort and commitment.

As I mentioned above, throughout the spring and summer, I will be holding some very special OPEN DAYS which will give prospective trainees the opportunity to come and meet our team and our educators and find out how training with seanhanna could be a LIFE CHANGING opportunity. We get a lot of applicants so we’re looking for people that genuinely show potential, have a good work ethic and have good presentation skills. I love working with people who really want to succeed.

If you think this sounds interesting sign up here today. Then when we run our OPEN DAYS, I will personally make sure we invite you first. And as long as you’re ok with it, we will invite your parents too. It will be good for them to understand and support your training. Also when I send you information about your hairdressing career, I will make sure I send you some of my videos from our shows, shoots, and a few surprises too.

You may still be at school, but if you are really excited about a career in hairdressing, then sign up here now and you might find that your career really does start right here.

So sign up now and I’ll see you on the other side 🙂



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If you have already left school and would like to apply for a position as a TRAINEE HAIRDRESSER right now, click this link now.

hairdressing apprenticeship sign up