Sudi has been with us for 12 years, she is an Executive Stylist and is also the ‘Mum’ of our Sutton salon. Since joining seanhanna, she has assisted our Artistic Director, Yesmin O’Brien on various shoots and shows, she has also been a member of our Session Team and our Bridal Team. Sudi brought her client and friend, Tanuja, along to the shoot.

What do you like about seanhanna in Sutton?

TANUJA: I love going to seanhanna for various reasons. To have a little me time and to be pampered. The level of professionalism is very high and customer service is very good.

What makes you come back to seanhanna?

TANUJA: The reason I come back is that the service is second to none. I just love going back.

How does seanhanna differ from other salons?

TANUJA: seanhanna cares about people, which is something I’ve never seen from other salons.

What do you have done to your hair and why?

TANUJA: I’ve recently, through Sudi’s expertise, done the Brazilian Blow-Dry, which is fab! I’ve had really funky hair for most of my life, which is very coarse and wiry. Since having the Brazilian Blow-Dry it’s turned my life around! My husband is very happy too; he doesn’t get his hands tangled in it! It’s just much easier to look after. It’s fantastic, it’s a revelation!

Do you remember your first visit?

TANUJA: I used to have very wiry hair [and] it used to be very unruly. She kind of told me to try different treatments which I had always been very resistant to. So I tried one and she made my hair very curly. I think I was going for a wedding. It was completely different to what I’d normally have and she just made me look beautiful – that was fantastic.

Did you know from the visit that Sudi was your dream stylist?

TANUJA: After she did my hair I had such confidence in her. I had a lot of people before then who had never got to the bottom of my hair problems. The texture of my hair was quite unusual. She just understood what would suit my hair and my lifestyle.

What was you first impression of Sudi?

TANUJA: My first impression of Sudi was [that she was] a very glamorous, older woman. The salons I had gone to prior to seanhanna were very intimidating because they’re all very skinny and very young looking people and I would always feel like I don’t fit in there. But when I went to seanhanna and saw Sudi I instantly thought that she was someone I could relate to. She was very friendly and very approachable.

Is there anything particularly difficult about Tanuja’s hair?

SUDI: Tanuja’s hair was very curly and frizzy so it was especially hard to cut. I didn’t have a problem but it was very hard to blow-dry and to get it straight and silky. I was always saying “Tanuja, you have to do the Brazilian Blow-Dry”. Eventually she did it and now look at her; how happy she is! (To Tanuja) You have to listen to me, always!