When did Sky first do your hair?

JO: I came to Sky 13 years ago.
ROS: I’ve going to Sky for about 13 years too but I’ve been going to seanhanna for much longer.

What’s your favourite style that Sky has had?

JO: My favourite style of Sky was when she had it quite long and dark with a fringe, I thought that really suited her.

Have you ever cheated on Sky?

JO: I have never cheated on Sky. I would always have her cut my hair, I wouldn’t trust anyone else!
ROS: Same with me, I’ve never had anyone else do my hair but Sky.

Why seanhanna Putney?

JO: I followed Sky when she moved from Wimbledon to Putney. It’s a great salon, you always feel really welcome and it’s a good experience.
SKY: You have to deal with their crazy antics!
ROS: It’s a fantastic salon, the atmosphere is brilliant. I always have a laugh when I’m there… and also I get a very good haircut!
BABY SKY: Tomm cuts my hair!

What do you have done to your hair now?

JO: At the moment I’ve got a balayage and I have nice long layers.
ROS: I have my hair coloured all over blond. And in the summer I go lighter and I just like it as it is.

Why are they my favourite clients?

SKY: I’ve watched Jo and Ros over time date, get married, change houses and have Children. It’s been great to watch it. It’s about the story that you have with your clients and I love that. It’s why you become a hairdresser.