How long did Sean do your hair for?

SUE: Sean did my hair for about 20-22 years in total.

Can you remember your first visit to see Sean?

SUE: Well, it was a long time ago my first visit to see Sean and I went with my mum, in my school uniform when I was about 15!

What do you love about seanhanna salons?

SUE: What I love about coming to seanhanna salons is that I’ve always had really good stylists whichever salon I’ve gone to. After Sean I had Kim for a while, then I settled with Tomm. I’ve been with Tomm for quite a long time now. I tell you what I really like about going to seanhanna is that I actually never know what I want with my hair and I always sit down and say to Sean or Tomm “Do whatever you think is good!” and I am never disappointed.

SEAN: It’s one of the things I used to love because she used to be really adventurous both with her cut and her colour so from a hairdresser’s point of view she was a great person to work with.

What do you have done in the salon now?

SUE: I have half head of highlights every other time and a full head of highlights because Tomm’s set me off on a big mission to grow through my permanent colour!

What was your first impression of Sean?

SUE: My first impression of Sean was that I thought he was really cool, back in the day! I remember Sean having a pony tail once!

Why is Sue one of your favourite clients?

SEAN: Sue’s always been one of my favourite clients because she’s just so honest. We had a great relationship; we could do new haircuts but if she wasn’t happy she would tell me straight away. There’s certain things about the way she has her hair done that’s particular to her, which in a way makes the relationship much easier because you know what you’re aiming for. She was always great fun, a great sense of humour (very dry) and I was usually at the other end of it!

Tell us about your birthday this year…

SUE: So this summer I had a big birthday and Tomm booked me into Worcester Park on the day of my party to have my hair washed and highlighted. Actually, I nearly didn’t go because I was really, really busy that day but I did go and I was so touched because when I arrived in the salon Sean was there to see me with a birthday card and chocolates. He’d come especially to wish me happy birthday and it made me cry!

SEAN: It made me cry too! Tomm was saying that Sue was coming for her birthday so I really wanted to go down and surprise her and it was lovely!