Rachel is one of our Senior Educators. She started as a trainee in our Sutton salon 5 years ago. She recently completed her L’Oreal Colour Degree and brought along her Nan, Sheila, for the shoot.

Who is your stylist?

SHEILA: Rachel is my stylist and she’s also my Granddaughter. She’s always there when I need her!
RACHEL: Can’t get rid of me! I do her hair, she gives me dinner!

How long has Rachel been doing your hair?

SHEILA: I’ve been seeing her forever I think! 5 years? – take this out?
RACHEL: Yeah, the first time I picked up a pair of scissors, was on Nan.
SHEILA: Yes I let her do what she wanted. Some were really good, some were…*laughter from both*

So, would you say that your nan was your first guinea pig?

RACHEL: My Nan was my first guinea pig, she really was. I don’t know why she let me! But she does. She always says to me “do whatever what you want” which is good. I mean, look at me now!
SHEILA: Mmm, look what she’s done now!

Can you remember the first time you cut your Nan’s hair?

RACHEL: Yeah I remember the first time I cut my Nan’s hair and it probably took about 2 and a half hours! She even said to me “this is taking a very long time!” but it was worth it! Well I thought it was anyway!
SHEILA: I was ageing!

How is seanhanna different from other salons?

SHEILA: I’ve found the staff very nice! I just particularly like Sutton because I like everybody there. I can eat my biscuit and drink my coffee?

What do you have done to your hair?

SHEILA: Usually a cut and blow-dry.