Throughout the month of April we are raising money for Macmillan, a charity that provides emotional support and practical assistance for people affected by caner. They support patients, carers and families as well as funding nurses and specialist health care professionals.

To help raise money and awareness, all of our salons will be doing different projects. Some are doing CAKE SALES, luxury PRIZE DRAW RAFFLES, running MARATHONS, VIP client evenings and much, much more! We will keep their efforts up to date via Facebook (sean.hannasalons), Twitter (seanhannasalons) and Instagram (seanhannasalons).

Every year we hold a charity month to support an organisation. This year we chose to support Macmillan because three of our team members have been affected by cancer over the last year. All of them were supported by Macmillan so as a company we just want to say thank you.

Below you can read their stories and how Macmillan helped them.

Gina’s Story:
My father was diagnosed in 2003 with benign prostate cancer. Over the years he has been treated with quarterly hormone injections. Towards the end of 2013 his PSA levels were increasing indicating that further treatment was needed. He was seen at the Royal Marsden in Sutton, where after deciding that chemotherapy was not an option, they applied for funding to try him on a new drug that Proffessor Bono had devised himself.

My father started Abiraterone in December 2013 and responded well to the new treatment until October last year 2014.

In January this year 2015, after increasing PSA levels again, my father had a CT Scan to establish wether the cancer had spread or if the treatment was no longer effective. The conlusion was both.

My father had the option to have a course of radiotherapy, but at 88 years of age we were all in agreement that this too was not the right treatment plan to follow. So then it was decided that he was to be referred to Macmillan for Palliative Care.

The Macmillan nurses will visit and provide my father with advice and support in dealing with his Palliative Care needs, such as pain and symptom control and in time end of life care. They also extend their support to us, his family, providing practical and much needed emotional support too. My father’s wishes are to remain at home, with Macmillan we can work together to make this possible. Their service is invaluable.

Kim’s Story:
Macmillan have a department in Epsom hospital, my mum was invited to go in for complimentary massages and a make-up lesson. The massages really helped relieve her of the stress of her illness, she enjoyed it and looked forward to going. My Dad would wait in the waiting room whilst she was having the massages, the staff would offer him coffee and made him feel comfortable. After she attended a make-up lesson I remember her coming home with a bag full of free samples which she was very pleased with. Macmillan staff were amazing.

Jacqui’s Story:
My lovely dad was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer in late Nov 2014, we lost him in 6 weeks, he passed away on 7th January 2015 aged 78 years. Thankfully, he was not ill before being told he had the cancer and had recently come back from a 2 week cruise with my mum, which we are so grateful for.

We were told that it was terminal from the beginning and that we only had weeks not months with dad, which was devastating. But mum and dad were so incredibly brave and dignified throughout those precious 6 weeks. We knew that dad wanted to be at home so we were fully supported to provide hospice at home. Macmillan nurses were involved from day one and they became as important to the whole family as much as for my dad.

My dad had an amazing sense of humour and up until his last few days he flirted and joked with his “Macmillan angels” as he called them. One nurse, Wendy, in particular was incredibly kind, thoughtful and special as she spent time with mum, my brother, sister and myself as well as looking after dad. I will forever be grateful to Macmillan for allowing my wonderful dad the time to spend with us all, allowing us to let him know just how loved he was. The care and devotion to our whole family has been so comforting and as a family we can never thank them enough.

For dad’s funeral we decided to make donations to Macmillan and as a family we will continue to support them financially in the future.