what style would suit you best

When it comes to our hair we all have different shapes and styles that will suit us better than others. This is because, although we have the same features, our proportions vary from person to person. 

Did you know that different hairstyles for round faces, fine hair or wedding exists and these have lead Sean and his team to come up with  7 key features that make the most significant difference to what suits us:

Hair Density - Forehead - Eyes - Jawline - Shoulders - Neck - Texture

your cut your way

During a Your Cut Your Way consultation, your stylist will assess each feature and establish the best way to create an aesthetic balance that suits both you and your hair. Whether you are looking for highlights, wedding hairstyles or hair colour ideas Your Cut Your Way is designed to deliver you the best.

We developed the Your Cut Your Way system while working on a number of TV programs for the Discovery Channel and over the past few months, all of our team have undergone an intensive training program to ensure they are qualified to do this with you.

The great news is that we are offering a Your Cut Your Way consultation for FREE

to all seanhanna clients.  You can call 020 3474 5299 to make an appointment.