Welcome to your Brand New 5 Step Consultation Process. When it comes to our hair we all have different shapes and styles that will suit us better than others. This is because, although we have the same features, our proportions vary from person to person. There are 5 key features that make the most significant difference to what suits us:

Hair Density

During a Your Cut Your Way consultation, your stylist will assess each feature and establish the best way to create an aesthetic balance that suits both you and your hair.

We developed the Your Cut Your Way system while working on a number of TV programs for the Discovery Channel and over the past few months, all of our team have undergone an intensive training program to ensure they are qualified to do this with you.

The great news is that during September and October we are offering a Your Cut Your Way consultation for FREE to all seanhanna clients.

You can call 0871 200 1234 to make an appointment at any seanhanna salon.

We have been testing the Your Cut Your Way consultation process in a number of our salons over the past few months and our clients have been finding it genuinely fascinating. Not everyone has had a brand new style because of it but in many instances we have seen our clients feeling both confident and inspired to consider new options.

I am sure we have all seen people who have a hairstyle which doesn’t necessarily suit them, it might be a beautiful haircut but somehow it’s just not right. Funnily enough, it’s nothing to do with the face shape itself but much more to do with the proportions of our key features. For example, larger eyes require a different approach to smaller eyes or a stronger jawline requires a different type of style to a softer jawline.

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