What is a Tierdrop Cut? 

Featuring ‘seamless’ layers, the Tierdrop is a versatile haircut which works amazingly on all lengths and hair types. The layers are cut seamlessly, which creates movement and texture to the hair. 

What hair lengths work best for the Tierdrop Cut? 

​The Tierdrop works on all lengths of hair but best on long to mid length hair. 

Who is the Tierdrop ideal for?

The Tierdrop is perfect for those who are looking to add more texture to the hair without seeing the layers. 

Tell me more about the technique? 

The Tierdrop is one of my favourite cuts because this is a freehand technique and cannot be repeated each time. We use a different layering technique in between each Tierdrop to avoid taking away too much length. 

Can the Tierdrop work on men’s hair? 

​We can use the Tierdrop technique on men’s hair as we found it gives fantastic texture on top of the hair. In actual fact, we stumbled upon using this technique during a gent’s training! 

After the cut, will I notice a change in my hair?

The Tierdrop creates seamless layers, with minimal step and lines. The number of layers is personalised to the thickness of the hair and you will notice your hair feeling lighter 

Does the Tierdrop work well if you have a fringe?

Our Tierdrop cut works amazingly with or without a fringe. If you already have a fringe, the Tierdrop is great to update your existing fringe and enhance your facial features. 

Won't all Tierdrop Cuts look the same?

This is an extremely precise cut and cannot be replicated again. Your stylist will carefully design the Tierdrop to suit you and your individual features. 

What are the benefits of the Tierdrop Cut?

The Tierdrop works well on all types of hair texture as the layers are cut from short too long. This showcases beautiful texture and movement to the hair without compromising the length. 

Why did you name it Tierdrop?

We named it the Tierdrop because it's cut in individual tiers!