What is a Freedom Cut? 

The Freedom Cut features soft layers while keeping the ends heavy and frames the face beautifully. This leaves the length and thickness through the back and is personalised to your hair.  

What hair lengths work best for the Freedom Cut? 

​​Designed for mid to long length hair, the freedom encourages luxurious volume, height and natural movement around the face.

Tell me more about the technique?

The technique is so precise, we can use a razor instead of scissors to create incredible texture. The technique allows your stylists to create beautiful  movement around the face, leaving the length and thickness through the back. 

After the cut, will I notice a difference in hair? 

Yes, you will certainly notice a different in the shape of your hair. The freedom technique means the ends are left heavy, but the front of the hair is shaped to enhance your facial features. 

Does the Freedom work well if you have a fringe?

Our Freedom cut works amazingly with or without a fringe. If you already have a fringe, the Freedom is perfect to update your existing fringe and enhance your facial features. 

Won't all Freedom Cuts looks the same? 

The Freedom cut is personalised to suit your individual features and is tailored to your hair texture and facial shape. 

Who is the Freedom Ideal for? 

The Freedom is great for those who are looking to update the existing hairstyle and would like something a little more interesting.

Does the Freedom work on all hair densities?

We love the Freedom Cut because it works beautifully on all hair thickness. The technique use can create the feel of movement and layers without cutting many layers. 

Can the Freedom work, if you have short hair?

The freedom cut is designed for mid to long length hair. During your consultation, your stylist will assess whether your hair is the right length for the Freedom. If you have cropped hair (above the shoulders), your stylist might recommend you try our Signature Tierdrop! 

What are the benefits of having a Freedom Cut?

We understand that our guests having busy day-to-day lives! We created the Freedom to give you a designed haircut that is easy to manage at home but also to style for special occasions. The Freedom Cut can enhance your individual features and if you have colour, enhance your colour making your hair look and feel softer, shiner and heathier.